Patients frequently will incorporate natural health care to help address chronic pain. Frequently they will adopt various therapies without adopting the mindset that makes natural health care truly effective. They may take glucosamine or chondroitan supplements, or take herbs, like boswella or ginger, that can help to reduce inflammation. Often patients look at supplements like they are treating the pain when in reality they are helping to balance the body to become healthier and thereby have less pain. A chiropractic adjustment is a powerful tool in restoring balance and reducing pain, but it is much more effective when combined with proper diet and exercise.

One simple example, glucosamine and chondroitan supplements can help to provide raw material for cartilage repair. What many people don’t realize is that cartilage attracts water and that adequate water is needed for the joints to operate smoothly. You might say that water is the most important nutrient for joint function. Some patients respond well to glucosamine and chondroitan supplements, others do not. Very often when the supplements do not work well, it is in a patient who does not drink a lot of water. He or she may drink a lot of diuretics, like tea, coffee or soda pop, but not water. He or she may eat an inflammation producing diet that includes a lot of refined food, chemicals or hydrogenated oils.

Natural health therapies build on each other. Nutrient supplementation will improve the results of a chiropractic adjustment. A whole food diet, free of additives, hydrogenated oils and refined food will improve the results of the supplementation. Exercise and adequate water consumption will similarly improve results. You are not really treating pain, but the entire body.