In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, appearing in the journal Pediatrics, (May 2003;111(5):e574-e579), the efficacy of herbal ear drops were tested in 171 children with ear pain due to middle ear infection. The children were between the ages of five and 18. They were given herbal ear drops (five drops, three times daily) containing Allium sativum, Verbascum thapsus, Calendula flores, Hypericum perfoliatum, lavender and vitamin E in olive oil. The drops were given alone or together with a topical anesthetic  (amethocaine and phenazone in glycerin) or oral amoxicillin at 80 mg/kg/day, with a maximum 500 mg-dose, divided into 3 doses. The group taking the drug took it with either the herbal ear drops, or the topical anesthetic. The subjects, who were given the herbal ear drops alone, did better than the subjects who were given the ear drops along with the antibiotic. Antibiotics, when given alone, did not improve treatment outcome.