A small study appearing in Heart Lung and Circulation (2006; 15(3): 172-81) looked at recovery after cardiac surgery in 16 patients. For a period of 36 days prior to the surgery, the patients were given 300 milligrams of alpha-lipoic acid, 1200 milligrams of magnesium orotate, three grams of omega-3 fatty acids and 300 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 per day. The patients also received physical therapy, in the form of stretching and light exercise. The patients were also given stress reduction and music therapy over the 36 day period.

The patients were assessed for quality of life at the beginning of the study, prior to the operation and four weeks after the surgery. Scores for overall quality of life, physical health and mental health improved in the period between baseline and immediately before the operation. The benefits of the combined therapy extended into the post operative period as well.

A second group that did not receive these therapies prior to surgery was also evaluated. They experienced declines in scores that evaluated physical and mental health, and quality of life. The group receiving the intervention also tended to have lower blood pressure and less oxidative stress.