Can diet affect your migraines? Doctors who work with natural health care have always known is the connection between sugar and headaches. Eating a lot of sugar and skipping meals are two habits that must be discontinued if a patient is to have relief from headaches. Research that appeared in the journal Headache (May 1978;18:91-94) a study appeared that looked at 74 subjects who suffered from migraine headaches and their blood sugar levels. The subjects were give glucose tolerance tests (GTT) and it was found that six of the patients had results that suggested diabetes and 56 had results that suggested reactive hypoglycemia. A diet free of sucrose (the sugar found in most “goodies”), and eating six small meals per day improved the GTT results in most of the six patients with the diabetic patterns and half of those subjects became headache free. Of the 56 subjects with the hypoglycemic GTT result, of the 43 subjects who returned for a follow up, just about every one had improvement of their GTT curve and reduction in pain.